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“Biofilm” Sludge in Tap Water Leads to Thousands of Deaths per Year: CDC Report

If you have a sensitive stomach and drink tap water, you may want to stop reading here. A new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that biofilm — a sludge coating consisting of bacteria, fungi, amoebas, and other microorganisms — is lining more than six million miles of… Read More

Teen Named Time Magazine’s Kid of the Year for Inventing Tap Water Test

A 15-year-old inventor was named Time Magazine’s “Kid of the Year” after she created a device that can detect lead in tap water.  Gitanjali Rao, a Colorado teen, began her research to develop a lead detecting device when she was just 10 years old. She studied carbon nanotube sensor technology… Read More

Snoop Dogg’s Half-Baked New Ad

Snoop Dogg, the washed-up 90s rapper known for his marijuana habit, has a new gig: Doing ads for SodaStream, a company that provides a home carbonation device for water and other beverages. Snoop released a video advertisement for SodaStream arguing that people should switch to a carbonation machine… Read More

National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

This week is National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week. This annual campaign is a call to action for individuals, organizations, state and local officials to bring awareness to lead poisoning prevention and reduce childhood exposure. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates anywhere between… Read More

New Report: Lead Levels in Tap Water High Enough to Harm Infants and Children

A new study in conjunction with Virginia Tech reveals various levels of lead in tap water across the United States. 97 households were tested just outside of New Orleans and 688 others across the country. Nearly 80 percent of homes had at least some levels of lead detected in their… Read More

Poll: 21 Percent of Americans “Very Worried” About Drinking Water Quality

All people deserve access to clean, safe drinking water. But recently released polling by Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s World Risk Poll revealed that more than 50 percent of surveyed adults in 142 countries and territories believe they will be seriously harmed by consuming their local tap water. Thi… Read More