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Does Your Home Have Toxic Tap Water?

In a startling new report, the EPA estimates that millions of Americans could be at risk of drinking toxic tap water in their own homes. The report found that some 9 million people have lead pipes that deliver their water, which are known to be a “significant source” of… Read More

What’s the Cost of Fixing Our Broken Tap Water System?

A recent report from the EPA estimates that there are millions of lead pipes still being used to transport tap water to people’s homes–endangering millions of people with lead poisoning. But ripping up and replacing century-old pipes isn’t cheap: The EPA calculates that it would cost $625 billion to… Read More

EPA Acts on Tap Water Contaminants

Earlier this year, IsTapWaterSafe.com, a project of the Center for Accountability in Science, took out an ad in the L.A. Times and launched a petition demanding the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) release its plans for Contaminant Candidate List 5.  The Contaminant Candidate List, or CCL, is a… Read More